Use of quick joint

Use of quick joint:

The use of various types of fast joints:

Quick joint type A: is the male end of wire joint end is stuck in the arc joint nut head, one end is connected to the screw thread. One side is connected to the mother head quickly, and one end is connected to the pipe of the outer wire.

Quick joint type B: is a female end of the nipple, also called the female head outside the wire joint side with two lug groove card male head on the other side, and the internal thread pipe connection.

Quick connection C type: it is a female leather pipe joint, also called the Yin end water pipe joint, the female hose connection, the Yin pagoda joint, is the quick joint for the leather pipe, the water pipe, the hose, the trachea and the oil pipe.

Fast joint D: a mother head with one ear on each side. It is directly connected with a head with Laerka connection, convenient disassembly, the other end is connected with the inner screw thread. Also called the Yin end wire quick connector, also called the female head inside the fast joint, while the male connecting head, while the inner thread interface.

Fast joint E type: a joint, a pipe joint, a positive pagoda, a mother head, and a hose at one side.

Quick connection F type: it is a quick joint for the outer end of the male end, and the quick connection of the male outer wire. On the one side is the male head, the other is the external thread. The F type can also be combined with the flange joint welding, that is, the F type flange fast connector is used widely.

Fast joint DC: it is the fast plug of the negative end, that is, the mother fast seal head, also called the pull rod type fast plug, the dust cover.

Fast joint DP type: it is the fast plugging of the sun, also called fast loading plug, the male head fast seal head, also called the sun end dust cover.

In a word, the fast joint has the A type B type C type D E F type DC DP type 8 models. Among them, A, E, F and DP are 4 male heads and 4 B, C, D and DC types. That is, the negative end of the ring is the female head, and the negative end of the ring is the male head. It is generally used by a male and one mother.

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